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Thread: Python 3 and non 3 designated libraries

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    Python 3 and non 3 designated libraries

    I have been attempting to set up Python 3 as an alternate to Python 2.7. Linux Mint 13, Cinnamon (Ubuntu 12.04 derivative).

    I go fine with the Py3 denoted packages (Numpy3, Scipy3, iPython3) but despite days of searching and breaking my install several times I can't get Py3 to use:
    = matplotlib
    = pandas
    = statsmodels.

    Pandas and statsmodels are fully 3 compatible and I've tried matplotlib 1.2 (

    I have experimented with virtualenv, and after installing Python 3.3 tried the newer venv using the raring depostiories. I've used pip and easy_install from within virtual environments but I hit failures at each point. I've searched forums and the internet. I am obviously not getting "it."

    I feel that there must be something simple that I'm not doing.

    Can someone please advise:
    - how do I force the install of non-3 packages into the 3 environment rather than the default 2.7 environment (as well as is fine)?

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    Re: Python 3 and non 3 designated libraries

    I don't know how venv in python3.3 is supposed to work, but python3.2 still works fine (likely even works better because its not brand new)

     # needed for scipy which is needed for statsmodels
    sudo apt-get install libatlas-dev liblapack-dev gfortran
    virtualenv -ppython3 folder/bin/activate
    source folder
    easy_install numpy
    easy_install scipy
    easy_install pandas
    easy_install statsmodels
    easy_install matplotlib
    matplotlib with python3 support was only released this week, it may have not shown up on pypi yet
    you may have to install it manually until its there
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    Re: Python 3 and non 3 designated libraries

    Thanks Madcow


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