Until recently I used Lucid Lynx and my USB mouse worked flawlessly. But when I bought a touchscreen (Acer T231H) and upgraded to Ubuntu Studio 12.04 in order to use it problems began to occur. During the first minutes or so I can use both mouse and touchscreen, but suddenly the mouse dies and I have to change USB port make it work again. Sometimes this does not help and I have to reboot.

Have tryed Windows 7, there the mouse also soon becomes unresponsive, the only difference is that its lamp does not go off.

A second problem is the calibration of the touchscreen where I used this guide; http://www.thefanclub.co.za/how-to/h...en-calibration

It works good at the central part of the screen but not so good in the periphery. There is a margin between the border of the screen and border of the displayable area, when I want to point at the border of the workspace I have to point at the border of the physical screen.