I seem to be in quite a difficult spot. I installed xbmcbuntu on my HTPC using a usb drive, and everything worked fine. I then decided that, rather than streaming from my PC (this was buffering like crazy), I would install a 2nd hard drive into my HTPC and store all of my media locally. While trying to set this up, I seem to have somehow corrupted my OS and it would no longer boot, so I decided to just reinstall and start from scratch. At the end of the install, I got a weird error message about it not being able to install grub, and the install again failed to boot. I tried reinstalling again, and now the install menu won't launch off of the usb! When I select "install xbmcbuntu," it just takes me straight into xbmc. I don't understand why a problem with my OS on a hard drive would affect my usb disc...what's going on??


Asrock E350M1 APU (AMD Zacate dual core E350 CPU, Radeon HD 6310)
OCZ 64 GB agility 4 SSD (for OS)
WD Caviar Green 1TB (for storage)
Crucial 4 gb 1066 ddr3