hey guys,
i was wondering if there was any chance of recovering a maxtor hard disk, 250gb with about 217 bad sectors using 'dd' command in lxterminal. i also have a hitachi deskstar 500gb with 9 bad sectors, which the bios won't even read.

i checked and asked around, saying that the 'dd' command might be my sole hope of "restoring" these disks. don't worry, these are disks solely for testing. there is no data to recover, no files that need to be backed up. with the bad blocks or sectors, i simply wish to test and save these drives if possible.

1. how do i determine or find the block size of the disks for fastest writing to zeros?

2. can anyone provide a link for tutorials or instructions on what to do with these drives other than simply replacing them.

i have nothing to lose with these drives, might as well put them to good use as guinea pigs.

thanks ahead, am very eager to hear your thoughts on the matter.