Fellow members, and moderators - if anyone reads this:

I no longer have much use for this account.

I do not use Ubuntu, and haven't since 11.10 was released. I have grown to mistrust Canonical and to realize that they have made some very poor decisions.

The final remaining reason for me to have an account here, e.g. my use of the Xubuntu derivative, will soon be entirely null-and-void as CrunchBang will soon become my primary distribution.

Frankly, also, there are other Linux help and support communities - specifically the CrunchBang forums and LinuxQuestions - which fit me better in terms of the attitudes I choose to surround myself with.

This place was very useful to me in my early days as a Linux user, but now that I have no relation to the primary system discussed here I do not feel that it is worthwhile or beneficial to retain this account.

I appreciate your all putting up with me for so long, and wish you all well. If anyone is interested, I maintain accounts under the username "R3nCi" at both the #! forums and LinuxQuestions - but, frankly, that's hardly worth saying.

Good luck and warm regards,