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Thread: Weather app / indicator for lxde lubuntu low memory also provides volume settings

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    Wink Weather app / indicator for lxde lubuntu low memory also provides volume settings

    I will try to keep this thread updated for this super simple solution for desktop weather & forecasts for anyone running lxde lubuntu or just want a lightweight virtually no memory solution to one click weather for your os.

    First for Lubuntu I always stick with the LTS release.. Although there hasn't been an official one yet 12.04 is the defacto LTS release for Lubuntu.

    That being said if your running 12.10 your instructions will be slightly different but not much...

    These instructions actually provide two solutions, the installation of xterm which is required actually fixes the default volume settings when selected from the volume icon in the panel.. screenshot attached... no more need for pavcontrol or gnome-mixer. When you right click on the volume icon in Lubuntu and select volume settings alsamixer will be open within an xterm window.

    Now onto getting the weather app/indicator working.

    Here is everything that needs to be installed first.
    Open your terminal and enter the following lines.

    Lubuntu 12.10 Instructions
    sudo apt-get install xterm
    sudo apt-get install weather-util
    sudo apt-get install weather-util-data

    For Lubuntu 12.04 Instructions

    sudo apt-get install xterm
    Click to download & install weather-util
    Click to download & install weather-util-data

    Once installed we are really close to being done

    Next is to create a desktop icon that we will place in the usr/share/applications folder.

    To create a desktop icon right click on the desktop and create a blank file. Name the file whatever you want just end it with .desktop I usually name the icon fastforecast.desktop

    Once the file is created right click on it and open it with leafpad.

    Copy and paste the following code in it

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Fast Forecast
    Comment=Quick xterm weather launcher.
    Exec=xterm -bg SteelBlue4 -fg white -geometry 75x45 -hold -e weather --forecast --alert --no-cache-data ZIPCODE
    Once copied replace the "ZIPCODE" with your actual zip code. Then close and save...

    Now you can move the icon to your usr/share/applications folder a number of different ways. But to do it from the command line is fairly simple.

    I'll assume you created the new file on your desktop, if so move it to the correct folder using the following commmands.

    Open your terminal,

    cd Desktop
    sudo mv fastforecast.desktop /usr/share/applications

    enter your password and the icon should disappear from your desktop

    Now you should see it appear in your accessories menu. You can access it from there..

    For lxde / lubuntu users you can then right click on the panel and select add remove panel items, click on add and add an application launch bar.

    place it where ever you like on your panel,,, then right click on it and select the fastforecast weather icon that is now located in your accessories menu..

    and there you have it,, now you have access to weather without using any memory until you click on it.

    remember that volume settings on the volume icon will also work now thanks to the installation of xterm at the beginning... screenshot below.

    Alternatively you can also set you own custom color by replacing the color names using the chart provide at the following website..

    Click for Xterm Colors

    You can also set your own fonts by using xfontsel in the terminal and replacing the appropriate line in the .desktop file with what you like using xfontsel.

    Below is an alternate desktop icon file with fonts predetermind.

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Fast Forecast
    Comment=Quick xterm weather launcher.
    Exec=xterm -fn -misc-fixed-medium-r-*-*-13-*-*-*-*-*-*-* -bg SteelBlue4 -fg white -geometry 75x45 -hold -e weather --forecast --alert --no-cache-data 17403
    Nice simple solution for no memory waste junkies like myself

    I applied a quick update to both sets of codes above, fast forecast will now include localweather alerts.. If you applied this mod early please update.

    I will be providing a series of easy solutions and linking to them below
    lxde wallpaper changer
    aero snap for lubuntu
    expose feature for lubuntu
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