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Thread: Minecraft.jar problems

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    Question Minecraft.jar problems

    What happens is that when I installed minecraft, everything was fine except there were a few graphical errors so I updated my drivers. Then I reinstalled minecraft, and then whenever I tried it I would get black screen and error report. So, I reinstalled, and now it doesn't even launch. Help? Thanks in advance =D>

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    Re: Minecraft.jar problems

    What happens when you launch it or try to? Post an error log.

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    Re: Minecraft.jar problems

    From a terminal, run minecraft and post all of the output. Also what version of java are you using?

    When you paste back the output, be sure to wrap it in code tags for readability. Adjust the part in read to the actual location of minecraft.jar, you can also just drag it into the terminal window and the path will be copied in.
    java -version
    java -jar /path/to/minecraft.jar
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