Hello Networking gurus!

OK, I rummaged through several threads on this general topic but none of them quite relates to my specific case, so here goes:

I have repeatedly had problems with wireless networking, regardless of ubu release and regardless of hardware. I've even done clean installs and replaced routers but there seems to be a ghost in my network.

The specifics in one current instance involve a laptop running Windows, which reports no problems; the connection simply drops out and resumes later. No err msgs, no popups, no flags- just a loss and resume later. Signal strength on the laptop is excellent whenever the connection is working. Resume does not require any action, it just comes back.

In parallel issue, I have a PC running ubu 12.04 and its embedded network manager set up in a location where running a cable is impractical. For this box I have tried TPlink powerline adapters with no usable success and several USB wireless adapters with limited success. The most salient issue here is a weak signal. Curiously, both the ubu PC and the laptop are normally in the same room, so the disparity in signal strength is odd.

My other boxes running 12.04 including a server which handles DHCP and DSN and another desktop, but these are on eth0 connections, as is the router.

I'm open to any helpful questions, commentary or support, and I would *really* appreciate some help.