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Thread: Building a office network

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    Building a office network

    I need to set up a small office network that will consist of the following:
    10 laptops and desktop running windows 7
    1 desktop machine running Ubuntu desktop 12.04

    I want all the windows 7 machines to be connected with ubuntu desktop, all i want is ubuntu desktop as a internet server, internet access will be directly coming to the ubuntu desktop and output lan to the router so user can access internet as per rules, (bandwidth, site block etc) as the ISA server having these function. Also i want to share hard drives for HR and Finance department.

    I want don't want to go with the server edition because newbie on ubuntu and server is terminal based so i will be stuck. Also, when at home, I'd like to be able to remotely access the Ubuntu machine, 7 machines that are in the office. How do I go about doing it in a secure way? Is any tutorial for this job?

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    Re: Building a office network

    Not sure if I correctly understand what you attempt to do, but maybe thats the information you are looking for:


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