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Thread: ubuntu 12.10 graphics glitch

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    Re: ubuntu 12.10 graphics glitch

    Quote Originally Posted by Geezanansa View Post
    Hello Twilk73 and hope you are enjoying ubuntu.

    I have been (trying to ) using ubuntu for a couple of years and still regularly search for this http://

    To enjoy ubuntu even more; as mentioned, you could update your kernel. What kernel you use ultimately shapes what goes into apt package by default.

    Ubuntu default settings for updates do not have proposed updates activated. If you want you could search for proposed ubuntu.

    so to update your kernel just activate proposed updates
    then use software updater to update everything and reboot. Select a driver using additional drivers and reboot. Once logged in again open a terminal window and do a
    sudo nvidia-xconfig
    and reboot and enjoy.

    I have not upgraded to 12.10 yet but am looking forward to it and will be very soon.
    The 310 driver in 12.04 is jaw droppingly awesome.

    Trying different drivers will make different things happen at boot time. The troubleshooter at the beginning of this thread has proven to be very useful.
    64bit should be a quicker working system for most tasks however if you intend using any windows applications/games running through wine then in general a 32bit will behave more predictably. How is 64bit doing for you? It is while since i tried 64bit so 12.10 would be a good place to try No harm in trying both on 64bit mobo/cpu.

    kind regards and ttfn
    I got itchy and did this

    the 310 driver is freaking sweet. Thanks, man!

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    Re: ubuntu 12.10 graphics glitch

    Quote Originally Posted by Twilk73 View Post
    Any programs you recommend to check out. Tools, or just useful programs?
    Synaptic Package Manager is great for easing the navigation through the repositories. It's essentially a graphic front end for Advanced Packaging Tool (remember the apt-get command in terminal?)

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    Re: ubuntu 12.10 graphics glitch

    Ok, I'm a little confused.

    So maybe I could get some help from others here in this thread.

    I too installed 12.10 64 bit on a multiboot machine.

    AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor × 6
    16 GiB
    GTX 460

    and still I am having problems with the nvidia drivers. I first tried the drivers that are default with a new install and then I tried the drivers found in the X Updates ppa and still with no success.

    My resolution gets fudged and compiz doesn't appear to work. Panels aren't displayed.

    So I have had to use the default Nouveau driver just to fool with 12.10.

    I also have 12.04 and Win 7 installed on the same system. No problems.

    I have been using ubuntu for a while now, since 9.04 and I have never encountered any issues with nvidia drivers.

    Could I get some help, or maybe someone could direct me to an appropriate thread?


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