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Thread: Remote Desktop in Quantal

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    Remote Desktop in Quantal

    Now that FreeNX is no longer supported under 12.10, what are other alternatives I can use for remote desktop control? I don't need to use VNC, I can use anything that's available (and free )


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    Re: Remote Desktop in Quantal

    Something I never got around to testing on QQ is NoMachine NX. Give it a try. Version 3.5 is good, but audio just doesn't cut it.

    But I think you may have a problem trying to NX into a machine running Unity because there is no 2D any more.
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    Wink Re: Remote Desktop in Quantal

    I'm facing the same but i'm workarounding this by using lxde for remote connections. You just have to specify to execute lxsession on your nx client. For me it's enough
    sorry for my english

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    Re: Remote Desktop in Quantal

    Is anyone having a problem with NX + 12.10 where the text is invisible?

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    Re: Remote Desktop in Quantal

    Quote Originally Posted by Zoide7777 View Post
    Is anyone having a problem with NX + 12.10 where the text is invisible?
    yes - it affects me too - but only on reconnect.
    If I start fresh session fonts are fine and nx works like charm.

    there are some suggestions about disabling Render Extension in nomachine client:
    but is does not work for me

    some people recommend downgrading libcairo (but it is such fundamental package that it seems risky):

    here are links to some semi-successful attempts that other people tried:

    Does anybody have a better fix?

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