Since 12.10 I'm having major video issues in Virtualbox. Apart from it being slow as Christmas due to forcing LLVMPipe the mouse is jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean. It's especially noticible when scrolling a window such as the terminal. It seems to like to bounce to the top and sides of the screen for a split second before returning and does this multiple times making the desktop virtually unsuable (pun not intended).

In 12.04, I was able to make the video better by enabling the Virtualbox drivers. I never had any of the curser bouncing issues but I did have cursor flickering in 12.04 (which is still present in 12.10). The cursor flickering went away in 12.04 when I installed the vbox drivers. In 12.10, the "Additional Drivers" app appears to be gone. I clicked the vbox drivers in System Updates but it didn't have any effect. In 12.04 when I installed the vbox drivers it let me resize the screen by moving the vbox window and also added a vbox kernel module (vboxvideo I believe was the name) I could see with lsmod. In 12.10, I see no such kernel module and can't resize the window.

Why does it seem like every Ubuntu release gets worse and worse? My host machine is Arch Linux using Virtualbox 4.2.2.