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    Re: radeon ati power saving

    I'm using the catalyst drivers and NOT the open source ones. The Open Source drivers result in most AMD cards combusting or the fans taking flight.

    The safest option is to go to system settings > software sources > additional drivers and select fglrx(proprietary). Let Ubuntu install and reboot. You should immediately notice that the fans no longer sound like a jet aircraft. Then run AMDOverdriveCTRL and set the medium and high settings to match the low and press SET. Go to the FanCtrl tab and set it to bezier and enable it. Save the profile and watch the temperature of your processor drop like a stone. Then hit TaskBar and leave it running in the background.

    You may have to input the following into a terminal to allow you to see/interact with the panel icon.

    gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['AMDOverdriveCtrl']"

    once added you will have to restart the session.
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