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Thread: Proftpd + MySQL jailing user home directories

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    Proftpd + MySQL jailing user home directories

    Hey ya'll don't know if this is possible or not. But I have a bunch of virtual users in a MySQL db and have ProFTPD setup to use the info to login ftp users. So a sample table entry is

    userid | passwd  | uid  | gid  | homdir               | shell
    ejacob | test123 | 4004 | 4400 | /home/someRandomUUID | /sbin/nologin
    the homedir column is /home/someRandomUUID

    now when the ftp user logs in it creates the user home dir in /home/someRandomUUID and jails the user to that directory using DefaultRoot.

    Is it possible to have ProFTPD append another location for all ftp user home dirs that it receives WITHOUT changing the table entry.

    So instead of /home/someRandomUUID I would like it to be located /var/ftpdata/home/someRandomUUID. I rather not mess with the table if all at possible. This helps separate my ftp user homedir and system user homedirs. Thanks for any input in this.
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