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Thread: widget environment, kind of

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    Question widget environment, kind of

    Fairly new to linux. I've set up a server on ubuntu 13.04 (Desktop) and planning on placing it by the door with a screen to show stuff like weather, when the next bus/tram is leaving, calendar etc. I'm not sure of where to start, I have novice experience of programming, I would love if I didn't have to program.

    What options do I have? It is of importance that it actually good as functional. My cities commuter traffic does have an API for building applications.

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    Re: widget environment, kind of

    You may like to take a look at conky.

    All it needs is a config file to display stuff on screen.
    I don't know programming but have managed to put together some conkys to display info
    from local websites, a surfcam , a calendar and a random comic strip from the web.
    You just need to learn a little of the conky config syntax.

    If you have info from a website you want to display, this can usually be done fairly
    easily by someone who knows how.
    If you post to this thread, someone will help you out with that.
    Post your .conkyrc files w/ screenshots
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    Re: widget environment, kind of

    Thank you for the tip. I actually already had conky installed. I'll dive deeper into this and get back to you

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