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Thread: Gwenview & java don't work

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    Exclamation Gwenview & java don't work

    I used gwenview for my presentantions, with images and video at Kubuntu 12.04. I used too a java program PresenterServer to conect via bluetooth my android phone and change presentation.

    I make a fresh install of Kubuntu 12.10. Gwenview works fine if i open gwenwiew and i search the directory with my images and videas. But if i turn on the java program PresenterServer, the images go fine, but at detect a video , gwenview freeze. I most kill the process.

    I thinked that is possible incompatibility with Presenter Server, but today i use other jovo program, open Gwenview and at go to next, a video, all freeze.

    I use the last version of Oracle Java

    What can i do?
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