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Thread: Can't login, have trouble with commands in Alt+Ctrl+F2

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    Unhappy Can't login, have trouble with commands in Alt+Ctrl+F2

    and a Hi! to everyone else.

    Recently I updated my system using these commands:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    When I booted into Ubuntu later on (I'm on dual-boot so most of the time I work in Windows as I'm new to Ubuntu), the login screen appeared but when I entered my credentials, it showed just the wallpaper for a few seconds and then it went back to the login screen.

    In the session manager I no longer see options for Unity 2D or Unity as there are no options at all!

    I searched around and found this command to try out:
    sudo unity --reset
    So to use this, I pressed Alt+Ctrl+F2 and logged in but was presented with a lot of errors which I did not understand and which were too many to type so I took a picture. Attached is the picture.

    Could someone help me out please as I would like to refrain from re-installing the system all over again?

    Sorry for the long post and Thanks a lot!

    UPDATE: I just decided to reinstall, but could someone tell me what went wrong exactly?
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