I don't have much experience with the UFW, so this is probably a stupid question, but I'll ask it anyway.

Having setup UFW quite painlessly I noticed some unexpected entries in /var/log/ufw.log - namely some connections were blocked that shouldn't have been blocked. After a quick investigation I noticed that iptables -L displayed quite a few more rules than I had set up with UFW - I guess these are UFW defaults.

The one rule causing problems was:

LOG        all  --  anywhere             anywhere            limit: avg 3/min burst 10 LOG level warning prefix `[UFW BLOCK] '
However I was unable to find any reference to this rule in any of the files in /etc/ufw/ or anywhere else for that matter. The rule is quite unnecessary, though, and I'm worried that it might cause some unexpected issues.

So, how do I prevent UFW from performing rate limiting completely?