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Thread: USB mac and PC boot

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    Question USB mac and PC boot

    I have found Mac USB boot tutorials and have made a bootable USB for PC using Ubuntu. Just looking for the right direction.

    Q: I want to know how I can use my USB to boot Ubuntu on both
    Mac and PC.

    Also I've read about limitations of space Ubuntu can use on the USB for saving and accessing files.
    If that's still valid-

    Q: What can I do to use the USB's full storage potential.

    Hardware: 32GB Transcend USB flash drive, 2007 Macbook, Windows 7 PC

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    Re: USB mac and PC boot

    Sorry, I have no experience with Mac.

    I did run across this this morning, though:
    Jane, stop this crazy thing!

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    Re: USB mac and PC boot

    Thank you.
    I read something similar to that while I was researching
    but did not know if that's what I needed to do for the space

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