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Thread: Terminal with blurred opacity?

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    Unhappy Terminal with blurred opacity?

    I miss the old days, where my terminal looked like a pane of frosted glass. Is there any way to get this back?

    1) - no luck on KDE
    2) - Gnome just doesn't seem to care
    3) - Evidently, I'm out of luck with Unity as well

    So, none of the three major desktop environments support the notion of a terminal/console with a frosted glass / blurred opacity background.

    Ok, so are there custom consoles out there that sport this feature? I realize it's not an important feature, but some vanity on your desktop env is not a terrible thing, and this is the one thing I miss the most. Any ideas?

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    Re: Terminal with blurred opacity?

    I know of none with blur. XFCE like the the others you have listed only supports images, colors, and transparency. Unity supports active blur in dash, but not in applications.
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    Re: Terminal with blurred opacity?

    The Blur plugin in Unity is disabled because of incompatibility issues, so you'll have to hold your breath and wait for someone to fix it (hey, freakin' Paint fire on the screen plugin got fixed, why is Blur not coming up). For now, in Unity you can only make the terminal transparent and add a glass-like background to it.

    I don't know about KDE and GNOME, since I don't use them much.

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