After our last meet up Saturday (the install fest) we announced some changes to the Ubuntu Stop Meetup group.

1. We will be doing 2 meetups every month - one tech heavy the other art program related.

2. We are setting up websites to help Ubuntu users get information faster.

3. We are working to become a 501(c)3 non-profit group so we can do more.

Here's what we are doing in November:

At 7pm on the 8th we will be doing our Ubuntu Roundup. This month will be an introduction to the open source 3D program - Blender. Learn more here:

At 6:15 on the November 20th will be the Columbus Computer Society - Linux Sig Meetup. Learn more about it here:

Also, tomorrow night at 7pm we will be taking about cloud coverage and going over Ubuntu one. Which is the best? How easy is Ubuntu one? Find out tomorrow night. Learn more about this event here:

Looking to meet fellow Ubuntu users? Network with other geeks? Just board? Check out Ubuntu Stop! We've been going strong since 2010.