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Thread: Recommend a cheap motherboard for Ubuntu 12.10?

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    Recommend a cheap motherboard for Ubuntu 12.10?

    I have a PC that I built about 5 or 6 years ago that has never worked well with Ubuntu. It has a GigaByte motherboard with an AMD x2 chip from around that era.

    Although I have since moved on to using laptops, I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 on this older desktop for my son and it was unbearably slow. And wireless kept dropping. I eventually gave up and switched to Xubuntu and it runs much better, but it does freeze from time to time and the wireless keeps dropping.

    I live near a MicroCenter and they always have cheap motherboard/CPU combos on sale. I'm thinking if I can get something for under $100 then it will be worth upgrading this desktop, but I wanted to check to make sure what I buy is 100% compatible with Ubuntu. Can anyone recommend a motherboard/cpu combo that is cheap but will run 12.10 100% compatible?

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    Re: Recommend a cheap motherboard for Ubuntu 12.10?

    What socket? Please post output from the following command:
    sudo dmidecode
    Random freezing could indicate problems with overheating, a faulty/cheap PSU or bad RAM, so make sure it's not overheating and let memtest run overnight to check the RAM.


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