Hello Ladies, or Lad {ies} if you are male and Scottish. Just an observation but in our part of the world the most proficient computer users seem to be women. I attribute this to
the fact that a lot of women use computers as part of their workday world. When i need
help speaking windows here, I nearly always ask one of the neighbor ladies.

Although for lack of a better term, the geekier, geeks seem to be men, I can understand this as men are more nuts and bolts, technical oriented, the what makes this thing tick
attitude. Women more of a , if it aint broke, don't fix it, kinda philosophy.
A computer doesn't know the gender of the person using it, and when I need help in
these forums, unless it's a real obvious username, I don't either and don't care, help is
help whoever it comes from,
Thank you to all the ladies who have helped me in my ongoing efforts to achieve
computer proficiency.