You do realise that Ubuntu 12.10 is basically an interim (eg. beta) release of Ubuntu based on Debian Testing? This is not, by definition, a "stable" system.
This is not how the Ubuntu release shedule is conceived. The 6 month releases of Ubuntu are designed to be stable releases, useable by end-users yet providing the latest technology. The LTS releases are intended for users or environments where stability, both in the meaning of "error free" and "predictable", is of prime importance at the expense of latest features.

Yet that argument would it make even worse when the release has highly visible and blatant bugs with core productivity software such as an office suite.

I stepped into 12.10 only a week ago. My mayor problem was that Alt+hotkey menu access is not available with the global menus. I have disabled the global menu as a temporary stop measure, and thus I do not have extensive experience of LO with the global menu. However, some of the most severe issues may have been fixed in the mean time.

Another issue I still see is the interaction with the launcher. When an icon is locked, starting a document from nautilus starts a different icon rather than using the pinned icon. Still not working correctly, although the current situation is way better than in stock 12.04, where instances of LibreOffice would disappear from the laucher and could not anymore be activated, not using the launcher and not using Alt+tab. As a stop measure here, I removed pinned LO icons from the launcher. LO is quite useable and troube free since.