I have been running on windows 7 for 1,5 year, and quite missed ubuntu.

Good news is with new h/w upgrade to I5 intel new mobo etc, everything works quite well.

I already have office 2007 through wine, and that's about it I expect to run, all the rest are linux apps.

Hower there is one but, I really dislike the new look. So I did a sudo apt-get install gnome, and running gnome classic. (therefore no windows 8 as well)

And about the new look, some buttons get "ugly" like I have faulty mem om my gpu.

But it seems stuff is missing, after reverting to gnome classic where are gnome-themes ? Where are the printer config? I think there are other config tools not displayed as well, but not sure.

Any advice welcome, I would like a more classic gnome that I can customise abit other windows borders (no black), other buttons etc..

Or is it time to ditch gnome and try something else?