I just bought a new ThinkPad W510 (4389-A36). It came with 15.6" LED FHD (1920x1080) display and no color calibration. I have two problems with this screen. It is with very high resolution (shows things too small) and the colors are very saturated and burning into my eyes, probably because of the high color gamut of 95%. I tried Nvidia settings and also some different color profiles but nothing significantly change the situation. Because the machine is just superiour (running Xubuntu) I would like to buy a new normal matte display 15.6" LED HD+ (1600x900) from http://goo.gl/K10Hk. Will W510 recognize that screen and are there any obstacles I can meet with it and Xubuntu? I need an advice as soon as possible because if I can't replace the screen I am afraid I will have to return the laptop to the shop. Thank you!