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I just installed installed 12.10, and suspend is not working. Here are more details:

  • When I select suspend from the power menu, the screen goes black (with the monitor still running), but the computer is still running. Num Lock works, but Caps Lock doesn't work (see below). The computer never enters suspend mode, but I can't get the monitor to respond either. The only way I can get out of this situation is to shut down the machine by holding the power button.
  • When I forcefully reboot it, I get the message "Ubuntu 12.10 has encountered an internal error". Apparently something is wrong with apportcheckresume.
  • I googled a bit and found this launchpad bug report. I installed the amd64 kernel from here; on this new kernel suspend works. But there are no drivers, so it's not a solution.

So, the question is:

1. How do I fix suspend on the current kernel (3.5.0-17-generic); OR
2. How do I install drivers on the mainline kernel?

A solution to either will solve the problem.

[*] How to debug suspend? seem to suggest this is a kernel hang?