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Thread: Broken Ubuntu - help!

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    Broken Ubuntu - help!

    Hi folks

    After some erratic starts a couple of weeks ago, i ran the hard disk test utility (can't remember its name) and discovered that my main system drive had bad sectors and was apparently liable to imminent failure!
    So, i backed up the entire contents of the drive to a 2nd hd. (not, unfortunately , a mirror, but hey ho).
    This drive also contains a version of windoze xp I just never got round to getting rid of, not least as it still had some files on i needed.

    So last week, i turned the pc on and...nothing
    Flashing cursor and nothing else.
    Ive tried an array of cd recovery doodads, including live version of 12.04.01 and Rescatux grub recover etc.
    And all with no success.
    Even trying to run ubuntu in live mode from the cd takes me right back to the flashing cursor and no further.

    One of the utilities searched for 'all OS's on this drive" and found windoze but nothing else!
    Is it possible ubuntu has simply mysteriously vanished??..
    Does this suggest the HD is in fact ok and its a software glitch with ubuntu?
    But if thats the case, why can't i mend the grub or find even the windows boot in the grub on either the disk or the cd? would be good to try and get my last version of ubuntu running, if only to retrieve recent emails etc., but its not the end of the world. I have, after all, got the back up data on another drive.
    Any ideas?

    But failing that, can anyone suggest a way to get ubuntu running again (using the new hd) and transfer all my files and progs from my backup, without having to do it all file by file?

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