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Thread: open FILES with a wine APPLICATION

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    open FILES with a wine APPLICATION

    Hi! I have Ubuntu -- this was easy under Gnome but i can't figure it out in LXDE (Lubuntu).

    I have a a WIndoze program called gradekeeper we use constantly at school. It basically produces glorified spreadsheets for each class we teach, but with many valuable features. As you enter grades and assignments for each class, gradekeeper produces a report and saves it as a ".grk" file. So for example, i have my history class, i start the year by entering the students' names in the program and saving the file as "history.grk," and every week or so i update by adding new assignment grades, test scores, etc. Reports can then be easily be printed for each student, grades are automatically computed, etc.

    Now, in Windoze, one can click on "history.grk" and the gradekeeper program starts and automatically opens my history.grk file. Under Gnome, KDE, and even in Puppy I can easily set the file associations to do this (okay, with Puppy it took some research ). But i've tried to make a file association for the .grk file to open under the gradekeeper program -- I tried right-clicking the grk file, going to "open with" and choosing the gradekeeper.desktop file; i tried entering the direct commandline; i tried by going to "Properties," etc...nothing works!

    Of course, i can open up the gradekeeper program first and then use the opened program to call up each class' .grk file -- but at school we are using lubuntu more now as LXDE improves -- and it's handier for our "non-linux-geek" teachers to be able to click on the class file (i.e., the .grk file) they want directly rather than use a two-step process.

    Thanks for any ideas.
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