I know this may sound silly but it has ran through my head several times recently. I built my own gaming PC last May and I was wondering if I would be able to run multiple audio devices on it. Like say if I bought an additional sound card to put in it, could I make it so that Ubuntu, or linux mint can use the audio devices on the back of my motherboard then have something like a virtual machine run on a completely different sound card? I was hoping that I could watch a movie on one screen with headphones and another family member could watch another movie on another screen with headphones using the virtual machine. I was also wondering if I could do the same with the front audio ports on my computer. My brother keeps asking me why I would want to do that, and my response is because I can!!! I have noticed that in VirtualBox you can select what type of audio device the virtual machine will use, thats why I figured there should be a way to do it. But I don't want to buy multiple sound cards and not be able to get them to work. Thanks very much for your help!