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Thread: Ubuntu Server 12.10 Monitor in Standby / no console available

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    Exclamation Ubuntu Server 12.10 Monitor in Standby / no console available

    Yesterday I installed Ubuntu Server 12.10 on my machine (Intel Atom D2700 on its D2700MUD board with integrated graphics (should be GMA3600 or GMA 3650). After finishing install and rebooting the monitor does not get a signal and goes into standby right after choosing Ubuntu in GRUB.

    • Monitor in Standby
    • SSH available
    • System booted "correctly" (except graphics)

    I already searched for that issue and found many solutions, but no one is working for me.
    In general I tried changing booting params in GRUB (nomodeset, vga, nosplash, etc) and nothing worked. I also tried to use DVI instead of VGA but this didn't change anything. At least I played a bit with activating uvesafb and updating initramfs. Additional i changed boot params in GRUB to use uvesafb. After that also nothing changed except i got some kernel log information (i think this is only because of i removed the quiet option). Then i installed fbset via SSH and put it into /etc/rc.local for testing purposes and finally i got a console.

    So now i know that something is wrong with framebuffer setting but i don't know what.
    Later i modified booting params to choose a specific mode for uvesafb and then the console comes up a bit earlier but there is also some output missing (i only get information about starting tomcat and this is the last thing happening).

    So even if it is working somehow (which i do not prefer because 12.10 is a stable release) I'd even like to know if this is a bug which needs to be reported or how can I fix this appropriately.

    What I am wondering about: Everything worked fine on 12.04 (but i need cups 1.6 which is not available for 12.04)
    Also i read this topic: but no solution was working for me.
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