Hello community,
I have recently install ubuntu 12.04 (I am not a new user) in my old laptop (intel 2.4G, Nvidia 8600GT) and everything worked fine except for my video drivers...As the title says every driver that I install have a (or more) problems. The majority of the drivers that are available in additional drivers have this problem: Whenever I install one of them my tv monitor (that I have connect my laptop via hdmi) stop working and only the laptop screen is. Also the screen have almost always 800x600 resolution. This about the majority of the drivers (version 173, version 173-updates, current version). So... the other 2 drivers have different problems I'll begin with the (version experimental-304) when ever I install this the ubuntu opens in terminal (or I don't know how exactly it is calling "ctrl+alt+f1") mode and I have to manually unistall the driver cause it won't open normally. The last driver is the (version current-updates), this driver does not do anything, I install, restart my computer, and nothing happens it is like no drivers have installed.