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Thread: Webcam problems

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    Webcam problems

    I can't seem to get my webcam working. I have this webcam and it is picked up when installing the OS (you get to take a photo for your user account). It's recognised by Skype as VF0415 Live! Cam Vid. IM Ultra although Skype doesn't pick up the microphone on it (only my speakers).

    So that's issue one. Issue two is when I try and load Cheese the program freezes and I get disconnected from the internet (and the only way I can get internet back if by restarting the computer). There are no error messages or anything, it just doesn't work.

    I'm running 12.04 and my full hardware can be found here. For what it's worth I've tried a different webcam with Cheese and get the same problem. I've also tried guvcview and it does the same thing as Cheese.

    Update: following the instructions here I have now got my mic working. My issue is still with Cheese (etc).
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