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Thread: nautilus command line - geometry switch

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    nautilus command line - geometry switch

    Using Ubuntu 12.04
    When creating launchers or using the command line, e.g. "nautilus folder-name," I've attempted to use the --geometry= option, but it seems to have no effect whatsoever.

    No other instances of nautilus are running when I attempt this. Also, on various web sites, I have found the parameters to be specified as:

    --geometry=widthxheight+horizontal_location+vertical _location (all in pixels I presume)

    and it seems that the horizontal and vertical locations are optional.

    From the man page, it looked like I might need to add the "--no-desktop" option as well to override the settings from the nautilus preferences, although I found nothing in preferences related to window positioning. In any case, this made no difference either.

    I should mention that I have a "fixed window" setting for nautilus in the Compiz-Config-Settings Manager. Does that override even the command line options?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: nautilus command line - geometry switch

    I too see this issue. It doesn't appear to be related to Compiz, as if i switch to metacity the issues still appears.

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