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Keep in mind, that Linux is infinitely customizable, you do not have to stick with Unity as a desktop environment if you do not want to.
Yeah! It seems Ubuntu Linux is not the very customizable now days. :/

Issue: after upgrade *-desktop packages may attract unwanted packages into your installation.

Example: Upgrade LUbuntu 12.04 installation to 12.10. Package lubuntu-desktop depends on NetworkManager. Network Manager was purged and replaced with Wicd before upgrade. After upgrade you'll have Wicd + NetworkManager installed again. It is not possible to remove NM ease due to dependency of lubuntu-desktop on it.

As workaround was used:
dpkg --purge --force-depends network-manager network-manager-gnome network-manager-pptp network-manager-pptp-gnome
after upgrade.

This will bring up update-notifier in system tray with annoying permanent message, with red problem sign in tray, about how to get back Netw.Manag. This was treated as:
dpkg --purge --force-depends update-notifier
Take a note: these workarounds are ugly. They have side effects.