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Thread: Gnome Boxes Fails creating guest

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    Gnome Boxes Fails creating guest

    Hey Everyone

    When I try and build out a guest system with Gnome Boxes its failing. I've replicated this now on 3 machines.

    Here is the error that I"m getting

    (gnome-boxes:3397): Boxes-WARNING **: app.vala:266: Unable to open qemu+unix:///session: Failed to connect socket to '/run/user/user/libvirt/libvirt-sock': No such file or directory

    (gnome-boxes:3397): Boxes-WARNING **: wizard.vala:358: Failed to create storage pool: invalid connection pointer in virStoragePoolDefineXML

    I"m not sure if its missing something during the install or what. Thank you all in advance for your help with this.
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    Re: Gnome Boxes Fails creating guest

    I have the same issue, I can get a bit further if I run gnomes-boxes as root, but then I get a different error

    (gnome-boxes:3524): Boxes-WARNING **: wizard.vala:205: Unable to start domain: unsupported configuration: spicevmc not supported in this QEMU binary

    Edit: Been fumbling in the dark, and I've managed to get past the OP errors without running as root, but still get the above error, by making sure the libvirtd daemon is running (libvirtd -d) (also added my user to the libvirtd group but don't think was necessary)

    To my clueless eyes this appears related to this bug

    Error also present in virt-manager which gnome-boxes shares a large amount with.
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    Re: Gnome Boxes Fails creating guest

    Well I got this working by doing the following

    First made sure libvirt daemon is running
    libvirtd -d
    (use your favourite method to get this done at boot otherwise you will need to do it manually every reboot)

    Then I followed #7 on this virt-manager bug

    sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm-spice
    cd /usr/bin/
    sudo rm kvm
    sudo ln -s qemu-system-x86_64-spice kvm
    note:command 1 should be redundant, not sure if the symbolic link creation in command 4 did any good but I did it.

    There were a couple of new errors but re?/installing kvm resolved them
    sudo apt-get install kvm

    All good to go. I perceive it as a bit slower than a virtualbox guest with the same hardware allowances, but nice to have the option.
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