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Thread: Trying to access NAS files, attempts with Gigolo

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    Question Trying to access NAS files, attempts with Gigolo

    I run several Ubuntu PCs and 1 Lubuntu. One PC is dual-boot with WIN XP.

    To bring all my files together I got a simple Zyxel NAS model 310 as a file server. It runs a simple linux and is sold as a NAS for WIN users. The setup prepares Samba for the WIN PC and the whole thing works perfectly for WIN XP.

    It sort of works for Ubuntu. Nautilus works fine, but Libre Office, FSLINT and Gnome Commander could not find the NAS files.

    So I did my homework. I checked out Mount commands and FSTAB and got cold feet.

    I found

    What I wanted was a GUI solution. And then I found Gigolo.

    Thanks Morbius1 !

    Gigolo seems to work fine, well sort off.

    Libre Office - this works great!
    Gnome Commander finds the NAS but wont do the useful commands like compare dirs - it says operation cannot be performed on non-local files.
    FSLINT does not find the NAS at all.
    I get no icon for the NAS, which Gigolo says I should, but this is not very important.

    1. Can I get Gigolo to do more for me? Maybe I missed something.
    2. If I went the hard way with Mount etc, would Gnome Commander and FSLINT be happy?

    Help appreciated
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