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Thread: Saitek p2600 rumble

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    Saitek p2600 rumble

    Hi as being a ubuntu user for a few years now, I am still a beginner when it comes to the programming part.

    My question though, is. Is there anyway of getting my saitek p2600 gamepad to activate the rumble, (vibration then), for Tomb Raider Legend, that I love playing through wine? It works fine directing Lara all over the screen shooting etc, just that I would like to activate the rumble. Any ideas anyone please? I am using ubuntu 11.04
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    Re: Saitek p2600 rumble

    I don't have any technical knowledge on the subject, but as I own the same pad, I've looked into this before. The last discussion I saw indicated that developers generally don't pursue the rumble feature due patents owned by Immersion, which they have protected aggressively. I think there was a kernel module floating around (source only) but it was already abandoned and outdated when I heard about it a couple years ago. Best of luck.


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