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Thread: Migrated to Linux (Ubuntu).. Need help

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    Migrated to Linux (Ubuntu).. Need help

    Hi there,

    I have recently left Microsoft behind after the umpteenth system failure, and am committed to making a full transition to Linux.
    I chose Ubuntu 12.04.01 64 bit, as my assumption was that Ubuntu would have the best support for hardware, and I also was impressed by its ease of use compared to other distro's software managers.

    Everything installed fine, and I thought all was well.

    1. When surfing on Chrome, there are several webpages that do not function properly and seem broken (scroll bars do not work, cannot fill in forms etc.) and there are glitches while watching Youtube.

    2. At the same time when watching a high-def movie with VLC, after 30 minutes (aprox) the sync goes to hell.

    3. I have at the same tame noticed that the CPU load is very erratic never falling bellow 14% and spiking intermittently at 76-100%.

    I have installed restricted drivers, and tried both installing catalyst from AMD's webpage and tried the propitiatory drivers in Ubuntu's "additional drivers" menu, but alas nothing is helping.

    Can anyone guide me in the right direction?
    I consider myself semi-computer literate, and can usually find sollutions online my self, but not this time.
    Is this a Kernel issue?
    Would I have better luck waiting for 12.10 (newer kernel)
    Should I consider a different distro?

    My specs are:
    Intel I5 275 on MSI P55-CD53 motherboard
    ATI HD 4890 1GB
    60 GB SSD, 1TB WD caviar for /home folder
    16 GB Corsair Vengeance (because I could )

    Thanks in advance


    If this is a GPU issue, what are my options? As far as I can make out there might be support problems for the HD 4xxx series in linux. Does this mean I have to buy a new GPU
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