I installed Nautilus in my Kubuntu, not because I don't like Dolphin (I love Dolphin) but because Dolphin has been having problems with connecting to my other computer in my local network (but that's for another thread).

I've been using the Faenza icons theme, which I like very much. But when Nautilus launches, it has no icon theme, just some general, white, document-like icon for every folder, file, etc.

I installed gnome-icon-theme and gnome-icon-theme-full. I removed from the system settings the gnome theme, because it's awful and it was appearing without asking in my Thunderbird folders. I kept Humanity though and I changed the theme to Humanity. It worked, Nautilus was having a theme, at last (Humanity). Then I changed again to Faenza and... surprise! there they were, the Faenza icons on Nautilus.

But, after restating the computer, the icons wheren't there any more, just the general white icons in Nautilus. I changed again to Humanity and, this time, after rebooting, the Humanity icons where still there.

So, if I use Faenza I will have raw, white icons in Nautilus after rebooting. If I use Humanity, everything will work, but I will not be using Faenza, which is my preferred theme, just because of Nautilus.

Of course, I could dismiss Nautilus, but it works perfectly when connecting to a local network, unlike Dolphin.

Any help?