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Thread: how to uninstall kubuntu in these special circumastances ?

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    how to uninstall kubuntu in these special circumastances ?

    hi all , i had xp and kubuntu , then i tried to uninstall kubuntu incorrectly by deleting it's partition , so , i had the grub rescue prompt ,
    - then , i used the boot-repair tool , and now i've got kubuntu again , but no xp anymore .

    - what i want now is , (uninstalling kubuntu completely , and install xp again , just xp ) .

    - i've got a lot of problems now , i can not boot with my xp cd to install , neither my flash drive , and i had ubuntu cd , and it worked well 4 days ago , but now it does not .

    - i am attaching a pic for my partition table before using the boot-repair tool . , if you could tell me in what partition kubuntu resides , c or d or e , because i really do not know , because it was installed incorrectly , not in a private partition for boot and a private one for swap , as the tradition way .
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