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Thread: which method of forwarding?-10.04 server

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    which method of forwarding?-10.04 server

    Ok so server will pass mostly wired LAN clients through eth1 to eth0 and adsl modem router. internet--adsl modem/router--eth0--server--eth1--switch--LAN. I realize now there are several ways to do this. It occured to me that ultimately everything has to work together, so plan to use: ufw for firewall, samba for windows file server, dhcp3 to serve LAN. I'd like to choose between setting up forwarding in: iptables, ufw, dnsmasq, bind9,sysctl.conf, and net-manager(?). I've started down a path several times only to discover that a later installed package or service creates a conflict, so this time I want it clean and simple.
    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet dhcp

    auto eth1
    iface eth1 inet static

    I have started dhcp3 with a range of
    testclient is getting ip but won't ping past
    i did make an attempt at forwarding, but i was tired last night and may have made some entries with both the iptables approach and the sysctl.conf , so I'm at a juncture where i could format (again) and start over, or clean it up. Just want some guidance here so I don't waste more time.
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