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Thread: Using Tablet as secondary monitor?

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    Using Tablet as secondary monitor?

    Hi guys,

    I know that this has probably been asked, but, is it possible to use my tablet pc as another monitor?

    The reason I'm asking is because I use Blender 3D a lot and although I already have a two monitor setup it would be nice to have a third monitor that's touch screen so that I can put all the "controls" onto it and use it when needed.

    So. If there is a possible way to use my tablet as a third monitor then how can I achieve this? Also could you please explain it in a close to none complicated explanation?


    Also if it helps, my box is currently running Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop Edition.

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    Re: Using Tablet as secondary monitor?

    To my knowledge there is no direct way to use your tablet as a monitor, let alone to still maintain the touchscreen functionality, but I had a crazy idea you might consider.

    See if you can remote desktop into your computer from your tablet. The Ubuntu desktop is already divided into 4 distinct desktops, so if you were able to use a different desktop on you tablet than on your main monitor, you might be able to exactly what you described.

    I'm afraid I have never tried it myself, so I don't have any specific steps to follow. Sorry about that. Good luck though.


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