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Thread: Automatic Conditional File Transfers

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    Automatic Conditional File Transfers

    My first post, hope my question comes across clear... thanks in advance...

    I want to minimize the use of my usb external hdd by only using/transferring files to it when my internal hdd hits a predetermined free space size. The question: is there a program that will monitor 24/7 and move files/folders based on preset conditions?

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    Re: Automatic Conditional File Transfers

    Sure. *nix is good at this. Problem is, you'll need to do some research and figure out how to write a bash script and add it as a Cron Job.

    Now, I can't write this script for you (I don't know your exact configuration), but the following commands may be helpful:

    df - Gives the amount of free space available. See man df
    Bash's if-statement. See

    cp -Copy files and folders.


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