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Thread: Windows 8 hardware control??

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    Windows 8 hardware control??

    I read an article about the upcoming windows 8, this is frightening.
    According to the article, all future computer hardware manufacturers are required to comply to rules set by Microsoft(MS) if they would make hardware for W8 compatible. The same goes to other OS as well. Anyone wish to boot up a new computer designed for W8 would have to pay MS certification fees in order for their OS to boot. Fedora is going to pay MS USD99 for their users to boot up the computers.
    No OS other then W8 will allow to boot if they fail to get MS certified or pay license fees for approval, this including Ubuntu. Is it true?
    What is the countermeasures Ubuntu have to deal with such actions from MS?
    Do we need to pay MS? If this is true, I do not see the future for Ubuntu or the linux communities in general.

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    Re: Windows 8 hardware control??

    Not true. Microsoft requires the ability to disable secure boot via firmware setup on non-ARM systems (page 121, #18).

    This has been discussed many times before here.

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    Re: Windows 8 hardware control??

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    Re: Windows 8 hardware control??

    That post has a link to this Ubuntu statement, which has now been changed.

    to this

    Indeed Grub 2.0 is now present in 12.10 instead of Grub 1.99

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