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Thread: gpg howto: remove a generated key

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    gpg howto: remove a generated key


    I was experimenting with GPG during the installation of Truecrypt ( and had a maintenance/housekeeping question.

    I created a key using:

    gpg --gen-key
    I later forgot my passphrase and so I wanted to start over. I figured that since I hadn't at that stage used my private key to sign anything, it should be a simple case of deleting my key and recreating it.

    First question is: Is this correct?

    Second question is: How do I go about deleting and recreating? Could simply remove it from my public and secret key rings and repeat the creation process using '--gen-key'?

    And finally, the third question is: do I have to explicitly revoke my signature from any external servers at this early stage? I got as far as a failed attempt to sign the Truecrypt public key.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: gpg howto: remove a generated key

    yes as long as its not really needed/useful delete it. a quick search on google found:
    I would remove old/unused keys and start again...


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