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    How many of you are using photoshop in Linux? After some work photoshop cs6 works however I AM using the 32-bit version and can only use the 32-bit versions of the apps. I have never tried 64-bit wine because I do not know the state of it.

    I did a simple test, install 12.04, latest wine from the ppa, winetricks gdiplus msxml3 msxml6 vcrun2005sp1 vcrun2008 vcrun2010 atmlib install all updates to ubuntu that are available (latest versions).


    Run photoshop cs6.

    If you can't get cs6 running, cs5 will run in wine stable just fine but you still have to follow the install from windows than copying to wine.

    Here I am running photoshop in wine in a virtual machine, wanted to test out but didn't want to go through installing gentoo to do it.

    Btw, moms PC as I have to use ethernet to install Gentoo/Funtoo as my USB wireless device doesn't work without compiling the driver.
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