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Thread: NVIDIA Playing catch up on clockspeed!

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    NVIDIA Playing catch up on clockspeed!

    perf=0, nvclock=50, memclock=135, processorclock=101 ; perf=1, nvclock=405,
    memclock=324, processorclock=810 ; perf=2, nvclock=405, memclock=1800,
    processorclock=810 ; perf=3, nvclock=715, memclock=1800, processorclock=1430
    I'm using gnome 3.5 and when just browsing the web, the graphics card will (as expected) underclock to the lowest performance setting of 50/135/101 MHz. However as soon as I go into overlay mode or anything that requires a bit of gpu grunt, the effects will lag and stutter.

    Once the gpu realises I need a higher clock, it's too late and I've already switched windows. The outcome is very rough transitions between windows and applications.

    At the same time, I don't want the gpu to be at maximum performance continously. Is there a way to disable perf0 only so the minimum clock speed would be 405/324/810 MHz??


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    Re: NVIDIA Playing catch up on clockspeed!

    Well I managed to solve this myself while trying to use another method by someone else (which was to put it to performance mode, and underclock the card).

    Here's a better solution! (only tested with my 'fermi' nvidia card GTX460, but should work for others - use at own risk. MAKE SURE YOU MAKE A BACKUP .ROM OF ORIGINAL FIRMWARE BEFORE FLASHING)

    Basically, you follow these two guides to overclock the card, but you change different values. I won't go into detail on how to flash/overclock as these guides are very good.

    How to extract and flash BIOS:

    What information to edit with extracted BIOS:

    Scroll down until you see this:

    3 => perf0 (basic desktop 2d power saving - I needed to edit these!)
    7 => perf1
    12 => perf2
    15 => perf3 (gaming in 3d - full gpu power)

    Read the guide well so you don't screw it up. All I changed was the corresponding Shader/Bumped Shader/Memory Speed IN THE FIRST "3" ROW NOT THE "15" ROW!

    I doubled the shader to 202 MHz (bumped shader: 539) and memory to 270 MHz.
    Also made the minimum fan speed to 0% to be more quiet.

    Then flashed the firmware.

    Now perf0 reads 101/270/202 MHz and is now smooth!

    Hopefully this will help someone, but basically the problem was in the BIOS of the graphics card and not in linux.


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