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Thread: wana instal kde etc. help problem

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    wana instal kde etc. help problem

    hi so i want to instal kde to my ubuntu becaus somehow unity is bad and i wana try kde like on kubuntu

    but from netbok i know one problem
    when i instal kde with apt-get etc, then my boot menu etc also change to weird kde look and my login scren stay like ubuntu not kde

    i want this loading scren when i have kde
    but if i install with apt-get i will get normal unity loadin/loding screen angryface

    when i instal kde i get this werid boot screen:
    not cool ubuntu default or kubuntu (but this weeird 2d 1990 loading/boot)

    i want solution:
    i wana install kde so that it look like kubuntu login/boot/loading screen, and if i want to go back to unity how i remove them so that it lok like i have ubuntu? not hairyass mishmash from uniyt and kde

    is this posible? yoman
    so ho i can back up all setting (lik system restore in windows that also restore boot and grub things)
    its very important for me to have all symmetric look not gnome and kde mixed
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    Re: wana instal kde etc. help problem

    The loading screen (the one with the gear) is the default one in current versions of KDE. That comes up before the Login Screen comes up. So, that's correct. However, you can change that in System Settings -> Workspace Appearance -> Splash Screen. It sounds like you want the one that's called "Default", which is odd since the one you see (which is called "Kubuntu") is the one that is default on the last several systems I set up. Odd!

    The login screen can (potentially...I've never mixed and matched before) be changed by going to System Settings -> Login Screen and clicking the "Theme" tab at the top. The default KDE Login Theme is called Ariya I believe.

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    Re: wana instal kde etc. help problem

    hi thanks for ur answer
    i will now install kde and then if i cnt change it back if i wana then i just reinstal ubuntu
    it only take 1min anyway


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