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Thread: Good laptop stand for Gazelle Professional 15"?

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    Good laptop stand for Gazelle Professional 15"?

    I'm loving my new Gazelle Professional, but can't use my old mac laptop stand (it just slides off).

    Any recommendations for a good one?

    Thanks! Justin

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    Re: Good laptop stand for Gazelle Professional 15"?

    buy a little piece of Marley
    "marley stage covering"

    It is the stuff that is used at concerts on the stages to make sure that even if things get wet they don't fall. Find a local production company and ask for a piece. I am sure that they will give you a piece for cheap

    Hope that this helps.
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    Re: Good laptop stand for Gazelle Professional 15"?

    I am using a Logitech Alto Connect with a 15" Serval Pro, and it works well. No sliding!

    I made a Youtube video about laptop stands that shows this one, if you want to see it here is the link:

    There are affiliate links mentioned in the video, but I made this over a year ago and my intent here is just to show the stands I tried. If the ads are against a policy here I'll gladly remove the link.
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